Mental Health Quadrants (c) by Pastor Phil

Spiritual, Psychological, Nature, and Nurture. The Forces that Control You and how to Succeed:

Wether you know it, believe it, or not, you and the entire world are controlled by four forces, the governing powers of the universe. How they impact you is what I call the mental health quadrants. Let’s begin by defining them, we will work bottom up:

1.  Nurture (or your environment): Wether you believe it or not, how you were raised and lived impacted your memories, mind, body, and soul. How you’re living now continues to impact you. You must deprogram and heal from your past, as well as, change your current environment, in order to overcome the nurture control.

2.  Nature (or your DNA): Again it doesn’t matter that you can’t can see DNA and you might not believe that it exists but it  impacts you. The majority of your health, diseases, and traits come from your genetics. You must know yourself by asking relatives, analyzing your DNA, and getting physical, neurological, psychological, and psychiatric evaluations and diagnoses. Then you can change your behavior, nutrition, and take medications as needed. 

3.  Psychological (or mind control): Again, even if you don’t know they are doing it, or if you don’t believe it impacts you-it does. Every day the media, corporations, governments, groups you belong to, your friends, family, and neighbors are trying to influence you. You must work to be unplugged and awake, with the knowledge and tools to stay present, centered, free,  and in control, with good critical thinking skills to overcome the psychological control.

4.  Spiritual (or Jesus): Again, you may believe in the right God or the wrong god, you may believe in nothing. Even if you refuse to decide, you still have made a choice. Based on the fact that there is one truth and specific forces that rule every dimension large and small, it is logical to assume that there is one God/spiritual force that rules you and the universe. You must research and make a decision so that you may have the protection, healing, and salvation Jesus offers should you choose to believe in Him. That is how to overcome the spiritual force and the powers and principalities that impact the spiritual realm in and around you, the world, the universe, and beyond.